Generally, the average baby starts walking at the beginning of the age of 12 months.
At that age, they usually show their first steps. However, some babies can also show the ability to walk more slowly.
“Babies can start walking as early as 9 months, but it’s normal for babies to start walking at 17 or 18 months,” says pediatrician Michele Marshall.

When they are just starting to walk, they usually don’t have good balance. “It takes a little time to get their balance. Your child probably won’t be walking smoothly until around 15 to 18 months,” says Marshall.

There are special signs when a baby begins to learn to walk. Babies who begin to show signs of walking will usually crawl or try to lift their bodies.
What should parents do?
To optimize your little one’s walking ability, Dr Marshall recommends the following to parents:

  1. Reach out Once your baby can stand up, hold their hand to help them take a step.
  2. Use props Foam parents provide push toys to support the child’s movement.
    Parents can provide household items such as a laundry basket.
    Let your child push the laundry basket to help him up or learn to push.
  3. Avoid baby walkers Baby walkers can get stuck and put your child in danger.

When children are learning to walk, parents should never leave their little ones unsupervised.

If you want to leave your child alone, place the child in a harmless play area.