Basically, while traveling you can transmit the virus to people around you for fourteen days from exposure, even if you are asymptomatic.
If these risks still do not discourage you from traveling during the pandemic, there are several things you should do to reduce the risk of transmitting the corona virus while on vacation. The steps in question are:

  • Before Traveling
    Some of the equipment you must bring include:
    • Masks (bring enough spare).
    • Hand sanitizers.
    • Disinfectant to spray objects around you.
    • Personal medicine.
    • Packaged food and beverages.
    Other things to consider before going out of town are:
    • If you are out of the red zone area, avoid visiting let alone staying at a relative’s house (especially elderly relatives).
    • Find out each destination vacation destination.
    It’s better to avoid areas that are too crowded and don’t pay attention to health protocols.

    • Know which hospital or clinic to go to in an emergency.
  • While Traveling
    • Always wear the mask correctly. Remove the mask only when eating and drinking. By wearing a mask, you protect yourself, your relatives and others.
    • Choose a location with good air circulation and apply health protocols.
    • Maintain a minimum distance of two meters from other people.
    • Avoid touching your face, especially the eyes, nose, and mouth if you haven’t washed your hands.
    • Wash your hands regularly with running water and soap. If not, use hand sanitizer.
    • If you are not feeling well, you should not force yourself to leave the inn.
  • After Traveling
    • Mandatory wearing a mask during the return journey.
    • Avoid close to other people, keep a distance of at least two meters.

    • Before coming into contact with people at home, make sure to clean yourself and change clothes first.
    • If possible and you are afraid that there is a risk of infecting your household, you can do a swab test.

    • Pay attention to the condition of your body and family members for the next two weeks. If suddenly there are symptoms, then immediately go to the hospital for a COVID-19 test.